St Cuthbert's Primary School

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Our Vision & Values

At St Cuthbert’s RC PS we will provide a welcoming and friendly environment, which celebrates the diversity of our community. We hope that this is felt from the moment you enter our school.
We are a nurturing school where everyone feels safe, happy and valued and all children are supported to reach their full potential. This is achieved through working together with children, their families and the community, based on a shared sense of direction. High expectations are expected of everyone from staff, to chidren and families.

Our Mission is ‘Learning and Growing together through Love and Respect’. This was voted for after a consultation with all of our parents, children, staff and partner agencies. We feel this sums up our mission as a catholic school where learning and personal growth, for children and adults, is key.

Our St Cuthbert’s Values are:

  • Well-being for all
  • Faith for all
  • Inclusion for all
  • Kindness for self and everyone else
  • Achievement for all

Children are given opportunities to show these values in action and are rewarded for living our school values.

In addition to this our main school rule is ‘Excellence in Everything we Make, Say, Write and Do’. This is supports us in ensuring that high expectations are part of what we do and how we work at St Cuthbert’s.