St Cuthbert's Primary School

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Senior Leadership Team  
Headteacher Susan Quinn
Principal Teacher of ASN Mrs M Somerville
Act Principal Teacher for Curriculum  Miss E Differ
and Raising Attainment  
Teaching staff  
Primary 2/1 Miss Daly 
Primary 3/2 Miss Graham and Mr McGeough (Thursday)
Primary 3 Miss Fee
Primary 4 Miss McCreath 
Primary 5 Miss MacDonald 
Primary 6 Miss McEwan
Primary 7 Miss McGinn
NCCT Mrs Vinnicombe (PE and French)
EAL Mr McGeough
Nurture Mr Glenn (Teacher)
  Mrs Aldona 
Administrative Assistant  Mrs Stewart
Support for Learning Workers (SfLW) Mrs Pat Dillon
  Mrs Margaret McAveety
  Miss MacAulay
  Miss Dilworth 
Child Development Officer (PEF) Miss Christie
Wellbeing and Inclusion Support (PEF) Scott
Building Support Staff  
Janitors Tommy McGuiness
  Diane Kay
Cleaners Kombi
School Priest Father Henry (based at St. Teresa's Church) 
Link Educational Psychologist Romy Dunbar